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Components, spare parts and tooling

The solution of any task for the production of high-quality pasta and high-quality biscuits

Spare parts for confectionery equipment

The solution of any task for the production of high-quality biscuits

Spare parts for pasta equipment

The solution of any task for the production of high-quality pasta

Empire of metal Ltd - processing and services

Metal processing services by Empire of metals Ltd: ample opportunities, impeccable quality, fair price*.

Every director or owner of production enterprise knows the problems that arise when it is necessary to repair failed equipment or other unit. The purchase of original spare parts often results in significant financial and delivery costs. Production of failed details according to individual order is the fastest, most convenient and economically feasible way to solve such problems..

High-quality professional processing services are also indispensable in case of force majeure, when your production company cannot fulfill its obligations to supply metal details in full capacity or in due time.

In order the quality of the manufactured details does not disappoint, it is worth to choose a company that provides processing services seriously. The most reasonable is to entrust the fulfillment of your order to companies with an impeccable reputation, whose reliability and professionalism are confirmed by many years of successful production activities.

One of such companies - recognized leaders at the processing market - is Empire of metals Ltd. Our company has significant experience and has the technical capabilities to manufacture components of any complexity for all kinds of equipment and units. At the same time, the quality and operational characteristics of the details by our production are not inferior to the corresponding characteristics of the original products.

7 facts, confirming our professionalism and expertise:

1. Extensive knowledge and wealthiest - 25 year old! - practical experience.

2. Thousand of realized projects – single and serial, of different volume and complexity, tens of thousands of manufactured details of various sizes and configurations. And all our projects are united by one thing - perfect execution, strict compliance with customer requirements and the most stringent international quality standards.

3. The latest equipment from the best world-known suppliers. All works are performed on modern CNC high-precision processing machines. (Complete list of machines with photos and detailed technical specifications is available for registered users).

4. Imported metal processing tools of the highest quality. The use of the best examples of modern tools (including carbide and various types of hardening coatings) allows perfect processing of any kind of materials, including hard-to-process metals and plastics.

5.  Consumables and workpieces are exclusively imported, from suppliers verified by long-term cooperation.

6. The strongest team of highly qualified specialists. Everybody is a professional in his field, having a specialized education and significant practical experience.

7. The constant willing to develop and improve! We do our best to keep up with the times. We constantly study and adopt the best achievements of world industry leaders, master the latest metalworking technologies, annually update the material and technical base - we acquire machines and tools that correspond to the latest technology.

All these allow us to take on the implementation the projects of any complexity and guarantee their successful implementation. Just take a look at the examples of our products, presented in Portfolio section, and you will not have the slightest doubt that we can fulfill the most complex and non-standard orders at the highest professional level.

Technical parameters of our equipment allow us to perform the following types of machining:

1. Turning works – processing dimensions on turning and milling machines and CNC centers from D3mm to:

2. Milling works on CNC processing centers:

3. Automatic metal-cutting – 640х640 mm (D640).

The choice of processing method of the product depends on material type, shape and configuration of the detail, the volume of work, etc. Our specialists will take into account all the parameters of your task and help you choose the optimal processing method.

Why more than half of our customers returns back to us again, and many become regular customers? 

Placing order for processing services at Empire of metals Ltd is a guarantee that all services will be performed qualitatively, the deadlines are strictly observed, and the cost of services is calculated as transparently and honestly as possible.

If you have faced with production tasks that require certain types or a full range of processing works of the entire range of metals and plastics, we offer to order processing services at the Empire of metals Ltd and evaluate all the advantages of cooperation with us!
*Fair does not mean low! Fair price means that the quality of our products is 100% consistent with the price.

Department services and CNC work

Дронова Наталья Ивановна

Oksana Khokhitva

International sales manager

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+38 (057) 719 62 05



Дронова Наталья Ивановна

Denys Moroz

Sales engineer

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+38 (057) 719 62 11


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